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More and more people are doing away with overstuffed closets in favor of a smaller, more versatile wardrobe. With just a few well-chosen basics, you can build a closet that has everything you need for everyday life as well as those special occasions—and we’re going to show you today. Let’s start with a classic white button-down that you can make work for every occasion.

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When it comes to your work wardrobe, the white button-down will never go out of style. It’s the perfect complement to any suit, and it will work just as well with sweaters and slacks.

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A white button-down is easy to dress up, but it’s just as easy to dress down. Pair it with a more casual pair of pants like chinos or your favorite blue jeans for a look that’s comfortable and casual while still looking put-together.

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Was the last one not casual enough for you? Take it to the next level and unbutton your shirt over your most comfortable t-shirt for the perfect casual-cool look. You can keep it crisp and neutral, or add a pop of color for a more summery style.

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Heading to a wedding? Going out for date night? This shirt can be dressed up for a night out just as easily as it can be dressed up for work. A white shirt will coordinate perfectly with a suit and tie of any color, and our 100% cotton shirts will keep you cool if you decide to hit the dance floor.

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You can make your white button-down a centerpiece of your style even when the weather cools down. A white collar and cuffs are the perfect way to dress up any sweater or even your favorite sweatshirt. And when the weather unexpectedly warms up, you’ll still look perfectly put-together.

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Accessories and a well-curated closet of basics can go a long way in making your clothes work for any occasion—without sacrificing style in the process. Check out our newest collection for high-quality staples that will take you through the end of summer to fall and beyond.

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