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For most of us, the majority of our clothing comes off the rack. But in recent years, custom-made clothing has been on the rise as people have come to value quality, sustainability, and individuality in their clothing. We think custom-made and off-the-rack clothes both have their place in anyone’s wardrobe. But when’s the right time to go custom? Let’s run through some of the key differentiators together.

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If you’re looking for a better fit

For a small, blessed group, it’s easy to walk into a store and find the perfect fit. But unfortunately, most of us aren’t built like mannequins. There’s an endless array of body types out there, and we all have at least one feature that’s tough to fit in store sizing. And even if you do find the perfect fit off the rack, there’s no guarantee that the material will be to your liking. When it comes to fit and comfort, there’s no beating clothes that were made for you.


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If you’re looking for more style

When you shop off the rack, your options are limited to other people’s ideas. This might not be a problem if you’re just looking for basic wardrobe staples. But if you’re looking for something very specific or a statement piece that you know no one else is going to be wearing, it can be worth it to go custom. After all, no one knows your style better than you do.


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If you’re looking for a lower cost

Unless you exclusively shop at Tom Ford, Saint Laurent, or Hermès, you’re going to save quite a bit by shopping off the rack. The cost of shopping custom can vary greatly depending on the fabrics and design elements you’re looking for, but you can generally count on off-the-rack clothing being quite a bit cheaper than custom clothes.


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If you’re looking for a quicker option

With the rise of online shopping, ordering custom clothing has never been easier. Instead of going to a tailor, you can just provide your measurements and design preferences online and wait for your duds to arrive at your door. But let’s admit it. It’s a lot easier—not to mention faster—to just buy a dress shirt or pair of dress pants off the rack instead of getting one custom made. When you’re in a pinch and need to quickly find something to wear to that event, your best option is shopping off the rack.


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