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Dreaming of a trip to Europe? Even if you don’t have the time to travel right now, there’s always time to take a vacation from your everyday clothes by swapping out the basics for some European-inspired pieces. (And think of it this way—whenever you do book that vacation, you know your wardrobe will be ready.)

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It’s all in the name. Our exclusive Copenhagen Knit Pants, inspired by a quick layover in Denmark’s capital, are the perfect combination of comfort and class for those long summer days. Whether you’re heading to a flight, a business meeting, a trip around the city, or just staying at home, these pants will look sharp and feel soft and comfortable.

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We all love our T-shirts. But you can give your everyday style a touch of European sophistication by swapping out your comfy crewneck for a clean button-down. And don’t worry—all of our dress shirts are made with cotton, so you can still stay cool on those hot summer days.

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Not into the Hawaiian shirt look? You’re in luck. You can exchange the loud summer colors and busy patterns for colors that are always in style—white, tan, black, navy, and gray. If you still want to get in on the festive summer fun, try a subtle print in a neutral shade.

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While menswear and womenswear alike have leaned toward baggy cuts in recent years, a slimmer and more structured stye will always be the way to go if you’re trying to emulate the European way. Try a pair of chinos for a structured look that still feels lightweight and comfortable for summer days and evenings. As an added bonus, they’ll pair just as well with your dress shirts as they will with your casual shirts.

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Traveling can take a lot of time, but you can start right now at home by giving your style a European makeover. Browse our newest collection now to find refined classics and trendy summer pieces alike, for whatever your summer plans may be.

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