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Don’t stress. We’ll help you dress your best.

Whether you’ll be dining out on an exclusive tasting menu or enjoying a low-key night in, we’re here to help you find the perfect outfit to look sharp and feel comfortable this Valentine’s Day, no matter what you have planned.

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The Formal Date

A nice dinner out is always a classic—but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little modern style to the table.


The most important thing to do is add a little fun to the mix. You don’t want your date to feel like she’s at the bank, or worse—at a job interview. We recommend going for complementary separates instead of a full suit and adding some prints to your dress shirt or your tie (or both, if you’re confident enough to pull it off).


No matter what you choose, make sure it fits you well. Without proper tailoring, the most beautiful suit in the world will look unremarkable.

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The Stay-At-Home Date

Whether you’re looking to avoid the dinnertime crowds or keep to a budget, you can still have a nice, romantic night in. But why not add a little fun to your outfit?


Soft textures in fun patterns are the way to go. A soft T-shirt and a flannel shirt with knit pants will add a bit of special occasion to the evening while keeping you comfortable. Feeling extra chilly? Add a fun pair of socks to the mix. We promise—these pieces will keep you cozy in more ways than one.

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The After-Work Date

Valentine’s Day falling on a weekday can make it tougher to go all out. But with a little creativity, you can put together a look that will take you from the conference room to the corner booth, without looking like you’ve been wearing the same shirt for nine hours straight.


We recommend keeping it smart-casual, but heavier on the “smart” side of things. A nice pair of dress pants, chinos, or other quality trousers paired with a button-down or a sweater will transition nicely from work to your date. If you want, you could also switch out your work jacket with something more nighttime after you leave the office. (Don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with us.)

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The Casual Date

Whether you’re going for a casual meal, going ice-skating, or taking a walk through the park, you’ll want an outfit that is comfortable and easy to move around in, and takes the weather into account: nice jeans or stretch trousers, a fun button-down or polo shirt, and a great piece of outerwear. If you’re going to be outdoors, a beanie could add some cold-weather style to your outfit and keep you warm. Just be careful of hat hair!


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