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One of the most common fashion adages is “dress appropriately for your age.” But what does that really mean? While everyone lives and achieves by their own timeline, there are generally accepted notions of how a man should dress depending on his stage of life. And whether you’re in your early 20s and entering the early stages of your career or in your 40s and looking to switch things up a bit, we’re ready to help you make that happen.

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In Your 20S

For a lot of men, their 20s are when they start working full-time and building up that professional wardrobe. Start strong and build a solid foundation with high-quality, well-tailored and classic pieces that can take you through your first job and beyond. Instead of feeling uncomfortable in poorly fitting pants, try a pair of custom-made dress pants for an investment piece that will go with anything. (Don’t have the budget for regular dry cleaning? Try our machine washable pants.)

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In Your 30S

While your 20s are a time to build yourself up professionally and discover who you are personally, your 30s are the time that you start settling into your life and career. You’re still young, but wiser and more mature than you were in your teen years and early 20s, and that should be reflected in your wardrobe. Keep the old t-shirts and baggy shorts for the gym or the sofa, and try our Copenhagen knit pants as your next casual option. These “elevated joggers” are made of a soft and comfortable knit fabric but look sharp and put-together, so no one will mistake you for a college kid.

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In Your 40S

At this point, you’ve likely settled into a classic style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still switch it up. Upgrade your classic white dress shirt with one of our knit dress shirts in blue or gray. It will work well with your suit jacket or under a sweater, and it’ll freshen up your look without looking like you’re trying to compete with the younger generation.

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After Your 40S

Aging doesn’t mean that you have to abandon style altogether. After all, they say 50 is the new 30. If you’re still enjoying experimenting with your style, this is the perfect time to implement accessories like ties, cufflinks, scarves and more. While a younger man could look overdressed, you’ll have the life experience and the gravitas to know how to wear these accessories. And even if you’re comfortable with your current look, ties and other accessories will give you an easy way to try out new colors and patterns without going too drastic.

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No matter your age, there’s always a way to look refined in a way that suits your style and makes you feel comfortable. Whether you’re looking for a stylish yet comfortable shirt or a new pair of trousers, you can find the right pieces in our newest collection and make them the perfect fit for your goals.

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