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Summer will be here before we know it. For many of us, that means we’re already in the thick of planning our summer vacations. (And if you haven’t started planning yet…you still have time to start!) Whether you’re planning a short weekend trip to the next town over or a weekslong international excursion, smart packing and planning can make the difference between an ordinary trip and a vacation for the ages.

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If you’re still in the early planning stage, this is for you. Think about what type of trip you need. Are you looking for a relaxing trip, or do you want to see and do as many things as possible? Do you want to see a new city or visit one of your old favorites? Are you a city slicker or a wilderness explorer? Do you want to stay in one spot, or are you hoping to explore multiple destinations on one trip? Would you rather have warm or cool weather? These questions and more are the key to finding the perfect place for your next vacation. And speaking of weather…

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We all know how important it is to check the weather before you go. But we also know that the weather on your phone’s weather app is only a mild suggestion. Even if you’re forecasting sunny skies and warm temperatures for your entire trip, you could still be surprised by multiple days of showers and cool temperatures—and you won’t want to be stuck with nothing but shorts, sandals, and sunblock. (Been there, don’t recommend.) If your space is limited, try packing clothes that can adapt to multiple occasions or temperatures. Our Copenhagen Knit Pants, for example, are soft and comfortable to roam around a warm city or walk through the rain, even if you won’t be traveling anywhere near Denmark.

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Don’t get us wrong—it’s good to plan and book things in advance, especially if you’re going for something popular that could fill up or sell out early. But you might find that what you’ve planned might not be what you want once you’re on the trip. You could find out about a new activity you’d like to try. You might want to spend extra time doing something you really enjoyed. Or you might be tired and want to spend an afternoon taking a well-earned nap. (Again, been there.) If you add some leeway into your schedule, you’ll be sure to have time for all the things you want to enjoy—and more.

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As we all know, packing your bags for a trip is a delicate art. You want to have the right clothes for everything you want to do, but much like an overpacked schedule, an overpacked suitcase is going to leave you tired, cranky, and overwhelmed. Leave some extra room in your suitcase—it’ll help you travel lighter and ensure you’ll have space should you want to do some local shopping. Instead, try packing versatile basics that can easily be paired with other items and adapted to different occasions. Accessories such as hats, ties, belts, and even socks can help you switch up your look even when your clothing options are limited.

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