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If you feel like summer’s flown by, don’t worry. The weather is still warm, the days are still long, and you still have time to plan one last trip before sweater season. And whether you’re taking a trip to the beach, a city, or the countryside, we can help you ensure that your suitcase will have what you need without weighing you down.

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If you’re looking for a versatile pair of pants that won’t weigh down your luggage, these should be your go-to. Cotton twill chinos will keep you comfortable in sweltering heat and summer rains, won’t wrinkle in your suitcase, and can be dressed up or down for all kinds of plans.

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If you want to dress your outfit up without sacrificing your comfort, here’s a tried-and-true option. These cotton shirts are soft and breathable but still look a little more put-together than your average T-shirt or tank top. As an added bonus, they give you a great opportunity to enjoy summertime prints and colors before it’s time to officially shift to autumn tones.

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Not traveling to Copenhagen? Doesn’t matter. We promise these trousers will be the softest and most comfortable knit pants you will ever own. For those days when you want to feel comfortable but wear something a little more put-together than shorts or sweats, you can count on these trousers to look and feel cool.

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You can never go wrong with the classic tee. Not only are cotton jersey shirts easily packable and not prone to wrinkling, but they’re endlessly pairable. You can wear them as a comfortable basic while traveling, you can layer them with other pieces to tour during the day and go out at night, and you can even sleep in them when the day’s over (though we wouldn’t recommend sleeping in a shirt you’ve worn out all day).

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Fall will be here before we know it—which makes now the perfect time to indulge in summer styles before the temperatures drop and the days shorten. Whether you’re traveling abroad or enjoying a local weekend trip, you can find bright summer styles and breathable basics in our newest collection.

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